Bobs Biddies LLC Owners Bob and Diane Berry

About Our Chicken Farm Owners

Bob Berry is a retired construction engineer who lives just outside of Ray City, GA with Diane, his wife of many years. Bob remembers that as a young man, he and his family would visit his grandparents’ home where Dominiques and Delawares could be seen scratching and pecking in the grass. It was there he fell in love with chickens.

Bob has taken these two pasture breeds along with a few others, raises them himself, and hatches chicks in his yard. These chicks don’t come from a hatchery that is based more on profits; these chicks come from Bob’s small self-owned hatchery where personal care is given to ensure that each rooster and hen is given all the care and attention it needs to grow healthy and happy. Bob’s love and care for each of his roosters and hens show in the generations of chicks that he passes on to his customers.